Why Are We Redefining Intimacy?

our journey written by martina hughes Dec 28, 2021
Why Are We Redefining Intimacy?

I can see how I have used the word 'intimacy' flippantly and as a euphemism for sexual activity.

Now, I realise it’s about so much more…

Finding The Extraordinary

I spent much of my life craving, longing for, desiring a deeper kind of partnership, but I never knew what that would look like.

When I met Rod one of the things that stood out to me was that he was looking for something more in the world of relationships.

His desire to tap into greater possibilities through emotional and sexual intimacy with a chosen partner spoke deeply to my heart and my longing.

There is a sense that what we are living and creating together is very ordinary and yet, very extraordinary.

Ordinary because my body and being feels it is very natural to live in a deeply committed flow of love and presence, where we are both continually evolving and awakening more deeply in our human journey.

And it’s extraordinary because so few people will take the risks necessary to live in a way that is both deeply vulnerable and courageous.

To live in a relationship full of devotion and worship, not only to each other, but to the path.

Using our relationship as a vehicle to continually grow, evolve and be of service.

Healing and Evolving Through Intimacy

I have certainly had my fair share of days when it’s felt too vulnerable, too challenging and I have wanted to escape.

The benefits and the gifts of this quality of relationship have unfolded through exposing my emotional layers, revealing the deepest parts of me, and being held in a way that allows me to explore parts that I didn’t even know existed.

These are places that would never be flushed to the surface in a therapeutic context - the kind of places that can only be revealed in the container of an intimate relationship.

Shifting our focus from “Tantra” to “Intimacy”

For those of you who have been in our community for a long time, you may have noticed over the last few years that I have been using the word Tantra less and less in my communications.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1. Tantra means lots of different things to different people and it can create a lot of confusion.

2. I have seen some very destructive things happen in the name of Tantra and I no longer wish to be associated with it.

3. It feels more in tune with the current time and period in my life to be fully embracing what I stand for, what Rod and I stand for and what we want to contribute to the lives of others around us.

There has been a lot of brainstorming over the last 12 months about the future of what we offer, the direction that will be of most service, the offerings that we can create for you.

What is it that sits most strongly in my heart and Rod’s heart that we both want to put our attention into? And what will be the container that houses all of that?

Through many hours of discussions and brainstorming it all clicked into place one day.

What Rod and I are doing in every coaching call, every men’s group, every women’s group, every retreat and workshop is: Redefining Intimacy.

Redefining Intimacy is what we both love to do - for ourselves personally and for our community.

Intimacy can mean many different things, by making a stand for Redefining Intimacy, we are acknowledging the need for real intimacy to exist in people's lives. Intimacy with oneself, with your chosen partner, with friends, with family.

The willingness to be seen, heard and felt, the capacity to see, hear and feel others - this is where intimacy begins.

Bringing You A New Experience Of Intimacy

We believe that it’s time for intimacy to be redefined because true intimacy with your chosen partner can create tremendous healing, bring new dreams to life, offer significant opportunities for transformation, and lead to spiritual awakening.

Redefining intimacy is about acknowledging the sacredness in everyday relationships.

It’s about utilising the opportunities of emotional and sexual intimacy to remember who you truly are.

With Love, Martina

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