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"I feel like a different woman"


"My Intimacy Coaching sessions with Martina are the best investment I have ever made.

Martina has supported me to open my heart and truth be told, our sessions are the only time I really feel seen and heard. 

Martina’s capacity to truly listen and hold space for me is a real gift. I have benefited greatly from the many beautiful and sacred practices Martina has shared with me and I have had so many revelations and aha moments.

Martina has helped me to connect with my femininity and I feel like a different woman. I am excited and confident to see how my future love relationships unfold.

Thank you Martina, I am so grateful for you."

"Challenging yet rewarding"


"The Couples weekend offered me a safe and warm place to look within myself and challenge my view of my relationship with Lotta.

The workshops, both emotional and physical, were challenging yet rewarding. Martina and all the leaders were knowledgeable and created a loving and safe space for the activities.

The weekend opens your eyes to what is possible to create in a relationship if two people share a common love."

"Moments of bliss"


"I appreciated Martina’s demeanour and how incredible she seemed to be at listening.

She never made me feel ashamed or like I had catching up to do.

Much of our work centered around¬†movement. The exercises were¬†challenging¬†at first, though in time, became easier and I experienced¬†fleeting moments of bliss‚ÄĒwhere my mind was quiet and my interaction with the world felt direct and unhindered by the commentary in my head.

A sense of peace seemed achievable and so did deeper connection with my partner."

"Awesome sexual confidence"


"I started working with Martina back in 2016. At that time, I had just come out of a lackluster 3-year relationship with a good guy. I wasn't very sexually experienced and I didn't feel comfortable in that realm at all. In speaking with her, so much shifted within me.

Not only did I begin to have regular periods for the first time in my life, I gained so much sexual confidence within the first session or two. It was like she had unlocked a door within my being that I didn't even know existed. The interesting part is that I didn't know what I didn't know.

I went in for my menstrual cycle and ended up with awesome sexual confidence, the ability to connect better with partners and friends, and noteworthy orgasms. Martina has worked on cracking my hard shell of being "just fine" and "able to do everything on my own" and has led me into the unknown space of vulnerability that has allowed me to feel into situations and partnerships in a whole different way. 

Martina has helped me navigate who I'm being with my lovers, boss, family members, and most importantly, my now husband.

Working with Martina has been some of the best money I've ever spent. I have sent countless friends her way and everyone is so pleased with her gentleness and wisdom. Highly, highly recommend her. Even if all you're looking for is to experience better orgasms ;) "

"a deeper trust and love of self"


"After embarking on my own solo journey studying various books and being introduced to concepts of masculine archetypes, embodiment and spiritual disciplines, I began to realise that truly exploring my understanding of masculinity and what it was to be an open-hearted man in Australia had to happen in a community of men.

Then, I found Rod Gordon and he was exactly the teacher I was looking for. Rod is authentic, sensitive, caring, playful and unapologetically Aussie.

His breadth of experience means he’s lived everything he teaches, and his personality and wisdom permeates the murky darkness the exploration of this work can and must become.

Through working with Rod I have expanded my awareness, developed a deeper trust and love of self and transformed the fear I held of other men into feelings of understanding, love and trust.

Working with Rod has had a profound impact on my personal, working, familial and intimate relationships. As well as in my career and now in how I lead other men on this path.

I strongly encourage anyone who is considering working with Rod not to hesitate, you will be in good hands.

Rod’s persistence with his own journey is inspirational and the love and consideration he puts into how he offers his gifts is both nourishing and exceptionally rare."

"I am breathing deeper and have more energy flowing though me"


"I have undertaken a number of Martina's workshops, a private coaching session, women's group containers and bodywork sessions over the last three years.

They have all been deeply enriching, embodied experiences for me. I always leave Martina's sessions feeling lighter, expansive, empowered and grounded within by being.

Martina has helped me release pain and shame through simple yet powerful movement practices, voice activation and nourishing guided meditations.In my bodywork session, I was able to tap deeply into wounded inner child and blocked parts of me.

I felt so held and guided by Martina's words and wisdom, that I had some profound releases, clearing and energy shifts that continue to benefit me a year on. I feel more alive, I am breathing deeper and have more energy flowing though me as a result. It was certainly the most profound healing I have ever had.

Martina is an inspiring individual and role model for women. She emanates radiance and I love and respect that she lives and breathes what she teaches. Martina's deep listening skills, intuition, empathy, warmth and authentic nature really shines through in all that she does and I feel blessed to have been able to receive her feminine guidance and wisdom on my journey."

"professional women and men would find it easy"


"I asked Martina to customise the workshop in a way so that professional women and men would find it easy to follow and connect with.

She did an amazing job, and a number of participants reached out to me after the event expressing their gratitude."

"Connected on a deeper level"


"Greg and I are now more connected on a deeper level and we feel more alive, it is so beautiful and we are grateful to have had this experience together.

Martina is so beautiful and what she does is a gift and touches people's lives in such a special way."

"Truly a life changing experience"


"Thank you so much for an amazing weekend. It was truly a life changing experience. You are a wonderful guide and your knowledge is incredible.

And thank you to all the women who shared the experience! You are all so gorgeous and beautiful. There is a special kind of MAGIC that happens when we come together as women, to journey home to ourselves."

"Deep and profound change in my mind, spirit and body"


"The bodywork sessions with Rod were of incredible benefit to me. When we first started working together I no longer knew what it felt like to be me, or how to show my true self to the world (and men).

Rod guided me through a level of healing I had never experienced before. His wisdom and sensitivity creates a safe and nurturing environment where healing can take place.

He explains concepts and processes clearly and thoroughly. After our first bodywork session, beliefs and blockages began shifting very quickly. Rod guided me through this process beautifully and as a result I experienced deep and profound change in my mind, spirit and body, and the amount of anxiety I experienced decreased significantly.

He guided me to cultivate a level of self love I never knew existed, and to move energy in a way that had my whole body buzzing, which opened my heart and calmed my mind. What a gift!"

"I felt raw, tender, frustrated and so much more"


"Intensive is very apt. Every feeling I experienced seemed intensified. Nothing was beige. There was challenge, support, love and connection.

A beautiful environment that facilitates further connection. The depth I dropped into was amazing. At times I felt raw, tender, frustrated, light, dark and so much more.

The connection and love that I feel for the other participants has been ongoing and continues to evolve and deepen.

We all continue to ride life’s waves but the voyage is so much easier now with this crew in my boat. The retreat is now an essential part of my life’s learning."

"A very deep experience"


"What an amazing workshop! The variety of content, exercises and interactions with the rest of the group brought such fullness and depth.

I was impressed by the level of intimacy that can be created via Zoom. The experience was so much more rich than I thought was possible through an online platform.

Martina’s integration and embodiment of masculine and feminine qualities is really inspiring. I enjoyed the grounded structure combined with juicy femininity.

For me, the workshop was a very deep experience. I loved being able to be a part of the group and watch the recordings on my own. I feel that this would be a very good entry point for people who might be shy to start with a live retreat.

Such an uplifting experience, I highly recommend it."

"I found my truth"


"What I experienced during the women's retreat was not what I was expecting: I experienced myself. I found my truth.

I was looking for answers from the outside when it was all inside. By creating a space of trust, safety, fun and love, Martina helped to peel off the layers.

In the middle of this circle of amazing women, there I was ‚Ästbare, strong and vulnerable,¬†with tears, laughter, screams, love, energies, passion, fun, music, compassion, it all came to me."

"Deep understanding of my relationship"


"Rod is straight up a fantastic facilitator. Natural, loving, honest and informative.

The Embodied Man - Men’s Training Program has evolved into my key to unlocking the truths I am searching for.

This program is for every man who feels ready to face the fact that his journey is his responsibility and is eager to learn the key to creating his own dreams.

I know now that, with deep understanding of my relationship and of my role as Masculine, I open up access to anything I desire."

"Permission to feel more fully"


"My journey allowed me to feel the aliveness of humanity, and to give myself permission to feel more fully.

The teachings also involve psychotherapy which I felt is integral to opening ourselves up to wholeness. The training has deepened my intimate relationship with my partner, children and community.

I'm blessed with the opportunity to work with couples, singles and group spaces to open up to their sexual aliveness in all aspects of life."

"I am now a better leader, partner and person"


"It’s been amazing to work with Martina and Rod as a participant in the Men’s courses and community events these last few years.

The Men‚Äôs courses grew me in ways I didn‚Äôt expect ‚Äď it helped refine my understanding of my role in the world, and improved my relationship with myself and those I care for.

The way I think, feel and interact with the world has changed immeasurably ‚Äď I am now a better Leader, Partner and Person.

Martina and Rod are a generous, courageous and authentic team, and I highly recommend their work to all those Men who want to do better."

"Seen, heard and felt"


"I experienced a¬†strong container of presence, for the first time in my life, during Rod and Martina‚Äôs ‚ÄėMen, Women, Love‚Äô event.

At the event, whilst being guided in partner practices, the man in front of me (whom I’d never met before) received and encouraged all of me to come through - the joyful, sexy, raging, playful, wise woman.

This simple, yet powerful presence and massive container cracked me open and allowed SO much more of me to be seen, heard and felt.

I can't wait to be with the man who will and have the courage to step into this space with me."

Conversations With Our Community 

Hear from our community member's real-life experience of Intimacy Oasis.

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"I am inspired by her fearless facilitation"


"As a teacher and facilitator Martina is extraordinary, wise, deeply beautiful and loving. My experience of learning from Martina has been, and continues to be, humbling beyond words.

I feel the love, compassion and investment she has in her students and am inspired by her fearless facilitation. She facilitates from her body, not from her head, and is constantly stepping up in her facilitating and holding space capabilities!"

"I feel so energized as a sexual, masculine man again"


"You opened up my eyes to see how I was connecting with both men and women.

My masculine man was dormant and has now re-awakened. I feel so energized as a sexual, masculine man again.

I’m finding it easier to stay centred, and to feel grounded in my unique male energy. I felt that my body and mind was cleansed and allowed to start fresh again."

"I was very moved"


"I just did an online session with Martina Hughes and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Fantastic!

Tears came to me at the end. I was very moved by the way the practice opened me up and I felt a longing for that as if it had been lost long ago. Martina says to be gentle with yourself afterwards and I can really see why.

Her website and gift is awesome. She seems to me to be a lovely¬†generous¬†woman.‚Äė"

"So heart opening"


"The Woman's Retreat was the most powerful workshop I have participated in. It was so heart opening & it connected me with the divine feminine in a way I have never experienced before. Wow!

Martina holds the space for you to experience vulnerability and ecstasy.

A powerful and loving and divine experience!"

"So authentic and in integrity with their values"


"Martina and Rod are both so authentic and in integrity with their values and approach to Tantra.

They create an incredibly beautiful container for people to feel into their own edges and open into a deeper love for themselves and others."

"I felt so safe and so supported and so seen"


"I want to thank you deeply for all that you shared on the retreat. All the care, deep wisdom and fun.

The magnificent way you hold the space for such deep work. I felt so safe and so supported and so seen. So much gold!

I’m processing a lot and there's so much shifting. Thank you, Martina."

"I have never felt so appreciated in my life"


"The facilitators are revolutionaries and have developed a 3 day program that is completely all encompassing and always relevant to a man of our time.

Each practice develops mind, soul and body inclusively… interesting, challenging, exhausting, supported and enlightening.. The women facilitators will blow your mind with their bravery, knowledge, insights and reverence.

You will share this life significant experience with other men whose courage and support you will always respect. I have never felt so appreciated in my life."

"I feel a big difference"


"Tantra for women, online, is absolutely exceptional! The depth and energy Martina brings to this course is very impressive, I could clearly feel her strength and integrity.

I loved the range of explanations for what Tantra is and how I can learn from it. Martina brings such heart to this work.

The many guided practices supported me to feel and experience this work in my body, rather than just understanding from my mind.

After practicing these over a couple of weeks I feel a big difference and further dropping me. Big appreciation for the level of vulnerability Martina brings. I recommend this course to every woman!"

"I was able to see the path that I needed to move on"


"This event helped me to unravel the ‚Äėmystery‚Äô around¬†why I was letting myself be treated the same way¬†in my relationships with women.

It was confronting at first, but then I was able to see the path that I needed to move on. An unbiased and loving woman’s perspective was what I valued more than any other program I’d participated in before.

I’ve learnt so much from Martina and invite you to attend and see for yourself."

"I feel truly rejuvenated"


"Thank you so much for your wisdom, magnificence and guidance, I feel truly rejuvenated and inspired to learn more on how to bring out the free woman in me!

The retreat was an amazing experience!"

"I feel more confident"


"It was really confidence boosting to see your version of femininity.

I found you, and the environment you created with the other women very empowering. I actually feel more confident in exploring feminine in business now."

"Painful, powerful and worthwhile"


"Thank you for the amazing weekend. It was excruciatingly painful, interesting, insightful, powerful and worthwhile.

I feel more connected with my husband¬†than I have for some time, and my mind is still processing a lot of my own ‚Äėstuff‚Äô.

And, yes, there has been some sensational sex since."

"Profound insights into damaging patterns"


"The experience provided me with profound insights into some damaging patterns of my life that I didn’t dare deal with before and which had turned into tense blockages for my life energy.

Some of those blockages I could release, others I started to tackle. I am now more willing to open myself and tear down the walls around my heart than ever before.

If I manage to stay on track of this process in my daily life, I will be a happier man.

Very life changing. Thank you, Martina."

"A new sense of calm and freedom"


"Martina has taken me on a beautiful journey through the woman's retreat. I have a new sense of calm and freedom in my life.
I feel empowered with the tools, the confidence and the commitment, to continue nurturing and loving myself."

"Surprised at how easy the tantric practices are"


"Through these workshops I have learnt to focus on the love and sensuality within my own body, how to enjoy simple daily practices that support my own well-being and breathwork that absolutely opens my body and my heart with my beloved.

I am always surprised at how easy the tantric practices are. Martina has a gift for making tantra accessible and for everyone."

"The most profound life lessons"


"Having been in a few men’s groups over the past few years, I can honestly say that having been a part of Rod Gordon’s men’s group has provided the most profound life lessons and changes I’ve received in men’s work.

Over the past 2 years in being in this group, I learned the importance and implementation of areas like Purpose, Values and Love, among others, which allowed me to deepen into a sense of my own masculinity in a way I never had before.

Rod also created a sense of genuine connection and caring amongst all the group members so that I felt understood and supported, no matter what I was going through.

Having seen men from his group in other work that I attended, I saw the way his work had affected others, as those men were always the ones who showed up with the most commitment and consistency, and I believe this was due to Rod’s strong leadership and integrity which set an example for all those who worked with him.

My time and work with him has been genuinely life-changing."

"I felt an incredible buzzing through my body"


"Focusing on my breath and your direction allowed me to move through the sensations without being overwhelmed.

That was refreshing. Throughout, a growing spaciousness spread in my body. An unexpected freedom and release occurred so naturally, that it took me by complete surprise.

I did not know my body could do that!

It felt awesome and humbling. Lots of old ‚Äústuff‚ÄĚ was surfacing, with sharp pains and twitches occasionally. Once again the breathing and visualisation helped. Immediately after the session, I felt an incredible buzzing through my body.¬†I felt opened up.¬†Something shifted deep down.

With your guidance it was a wonderful and challenging first step in my journey. Your calm and reassuring way helped immensely. I look forward to the next part of the journey. Many thanks."

"I am feeling more energetic"


"Thank you so much Martina for our session on Thursday. I was blown away by the amazing space you helped me create through my courage (in your safe and loving environment) to look at the challenges that stop me feeling fulfilled and happy.

Since Thursday, lots of lovely new views have opened up for me and I have been feeling so peaceful and grounded. I have been practising my breathing and breast massage and it's really interesting to note that the blockages in my digestion have released over the last few days.

I am feeling more energetic, the pain in my back has diminished considerably… its been amazing and I sincerely thank you.

I want everyone to know how free, energetic and healthy you can feel when you give up the old stuff, let go and start to love and blossom from the inside out."

"We have a new love after 9 years of marriage"


"My husband attended the Men’s Retreat, he wanted to go but was a little sceptical. WOW, what an amazing transformation for us.

We now have a new love, bond, connection and amazing energy after 9 years of marriage. I have fallen in love with my husband all over again.
His touch is electric and his whole being is different in such an unexplainable way. We always thought we had a good marriage and now it’s just more than we ever expected and everything in our lives has become magical."

"Freeing up so much stress and discomfort"


"I just needed to take a minute to express my gratitude for the remarkably shifting effects of your delicious Tantra for Women.

I can feel the awakening of my feminine essence through so many areas in my life. A sense of honesty has been pervading my life, freeing up so much stress and discomfort that has masked the constant suppression of what I am afraid to reveal.

I send thanks and sincere gratitude for this opportunity to grow within myself and affect others around me in such a positive way."

"One of the hardest and best things I have ever done"


"The Tantric Couples weekend was one of the hardest things I’ve done but also one of the best things I have ever done.

The practices and discussions led by Martina and her team released a lot of suppressed emotions in me and I finally allowed myself to cry and start releasing grief.

It was an amazing feeling and I found myself finally ‚Äúfree‚Ä̂Ķ to¬†explore‚Ķ to¬†connect¬†at a deeper and more intimate level with my partner. Thank you Martina for a wonderfully enlightening weekend"

"A big step further towards freedom"


"The retreat took me a big step further on my inner journey towards freedom.

Its beautiful setting, the¬†safe atmosphere, and the wonderful people involved, helped me to tap into a space within me which is free of expectations and goals ‚Äď I found an¬†awareness of the moment, of what‚Äôs happening in the here and now of my life.

Never have I been as conscious about what I do and why I do it as I have been since the retreat."

"Experience my own masculinity"


"The primal quality of the practices created a feeling of going into a men’s cave.

It was awesome to be in such a wonderful group of guys where you could witness their masculinity and in return experience my own masculinity.

It was inspiring the different life experiences which everyone brought to the group and the feeling of connection with the whole group."

"Awakened a sleeping serpent"


"I’ve been practising the techniques over the last week and am very happy with the progress so far!

The workshop has definitely awakened a sleeping serpent!

Thanks again. Very much looking forward to the journey."

"Seeing changes within myself"


"Thank you for a very practical and memorable workshop. I am slowly including the new practices into my daily routine, and seeing changes within myself and in my life.

I am surprised how a slight change in perspective is making such big quantum changes in my life"

"Natural and wholesome tantra"


"I was surprised by how¬†natural¬†and ‚Äėwholesome‚Äô the psychology/philosophy of Tantra came across.

I am convinced that this system could be very pragmatic, perhaps more so than many other practices I have encountered.

From anecdotal reports of Tantra work, I was expecting some kind of internal conflict. Instead I found myself laughing and laughing on the inside!"

"Real-life practice, straight away"


"Martina’s teachings are simple to understand, practical in nature and provide the student/audience with the ability to bring them into their real-life practice straight away.

I believe she is the leader in her field and am excited to watch and take part in her journey as she continues to change lives."

"A next level experience with a loving, unwavering facilitator"


"You will be supported to experience the very depths and edges of your internal truth.

You will be supported to experience your courage to express these truths in relation to others, through the retreat journey.

I strongly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting a next level experience with a loving, unwavering facilitator and looking for a strong group to journey with."

"A whole new world of sexuality"


"Thank you Martina for a life changing series of sessions.

You were able to pierce through my layers to the core of the issues that plagued my sexuality. I’ve been amazed at the results we achieved in so little time.

I now have a whole new world of sexuality ahead that already feels so wholesome and rewarding and not just for me. "

"I felt really held"


"I just wanted to say thank you for our session today. It was pretty intense for me and a lot of stuff has come up and come out, it means growth and movement is happening.

I wanted to say to you - I feel really safe with you. When I opened my eyes and looked at you during the breathing part of the session, I just felt really held.

That felt important for me. I so appreciate everything that happens in your purple room."

"Able to heal old wounds of shame around my sexual desires"


"My sessions with Martina were deeply healing. She created a safe space where I was able to heal old wounds of shame around my sexual desires, reconnect with my passion and make friends with my vulnerable selves also.

It was powerful to connect more deeply with the subtle energies in my body and relax happily into who I AM rather than trying to BE someone better."

"I feel totally safe"


"Just a quick note to say how amazing it felt for me to be completely real and honest. 

Thank you so much for creating the space to allow that to happen, and for allowing me to share so much of myself.

I feel totally safe with you. I’ll continue to work on what we discussed; your advice and guidance has been hugely beneficial so far. Thank you again for the beautiful session yesterday."

"A more beautiful way of being"


"What you are doing is changing my life.

I live for this; it is a much more beautiful way of being. Thank you."

"Given me hope for my future"


"I am still blown away from the sessions with you. To me it was a huge experience. I had so many moments of realisation and understanding what is really going on.

It has been wonderful, I am so glad that you came to Germany. The sessions with you have given me a feeling that true development and improvement is possible.

And above all it has given me hope for my future. And for that I am truly very, very grateful. You are an amazing person."

"Compassionate guidance and non-judgemental presence"


"Thank you so much for your compassionate guidance, for listening and honestly sharing what you see and hear, and for your non-judgemental presence.

These are such gifts to me right now. I slept so well last night, and that is rare for me. My body really relaxed into a deep restorative sleep.

I have a feeling our work together had something to do with that! I’m committed to a daily practice for my own awakening. I’m so happy we’re working together."

"Breaking down chains from the past"


"It was lovely to meet you yesterday online - I found the session extremely useful, and I’m so relieved that you can make sense of what is going on - it has got a lot moving inside, both in my feelings and in my thoughts.

Thank you also for such a marvellous summary of our discussion, the issues it highlighted, and the exercises for homework.

I’m truly looking forward to this journey, it’s such a relief to be finally breaking down chains from the past, and at last growing and moving forwards."

"Able to hold space at home more comfortably"


"The Men’s Training Program is one of the most valuable programs I have attended. Working as a Senior Executive, married with 8 children, I find the program has helped me find my center and balance in an incredibly busy world.

Connecting with fellow men, discovering who I am, to be able to hold space at home more comfortably and in everyday life has been amazing for me.

I would recommend Rod Gordon’s programs for any man who wants more from life, better connection to self, other men and women."

"Developed a capacity to feel deeply"


"What inspires me most about Rod is that he has developed a capacity to feel deeply and be present to life at the same time.

He has a disarming way of bringing humour and light to some very challenging aspects of life. I have come to Rod with challenges before and he has supported me in finding clarity.

As a man, I know how difficult it is to journey the path of feeling and presence. This is why Rod is so inspiring for me. I see him as someone who has integrated both feeling and presence. He is real. He is incredibly human. And he is someone I will continue to look up to as I continue on my growth journey."

"Helped me connect with my sexuality and femininity"


"A friend suggested I go on the woman's retreat after I shared my frustration at my uninspiring sex life.

I didn’t really understand how the retreat would help, but I was willing to give it a go. To my surprise and delight, the retreat helped me connect with my sexuality and femininity and has given me new ways to relate to myself and those around me.

It’s difficult to explain what happened to me - but it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like there might be something they’re missing, but they can’t quite put their finger on what."

"Embrace my sexual energy"


"I just wanted to thank you for the ‚ÄėBeing a Sexual Man‚Äô workshop.
Awareness gives you the power to change. I have already felt a great sense of awareness which I believe will help me to recognise, focus and embrace my sexual energy, my ability to freely give love and my openness in receiving love. Thank you so much again."

"The results were incredible"


"I joined a 14-week coaching container with Martina Hughes towards the end of 2021. I was recommended to work with Martina by her husband, Rod Gordon, who I’ve worked with for over 2 years.

I felt very ready to leap into an area of discomfort and made a commitment to myself to attend every call, show up authentically and engage with the other members and to diligently explore the practices each fortnight.

The results were incredible from the very first call. Before working with Martina, I was unaware of the impact shame was having on my physical body, in relationship and intimacy.

Throughout the duration of the container, I had many profound and permanent shifts in my awareness but more importantly in my felt experiences of shame and fear. My understanding was re-oriented in such a way that I can now recognise and accept many aspects and parts of myself that I previously may have rejected or not wanted to accept.

Now instead of a habit of bracing, creating tension and hardening in the experience of intimacy or relationship, a new habit was formed of continually embodied softening, surrendering and allowing; without losing the inner strength of who I am.

This has changed my physical health, my relationships with myself, my family, my friends and most noticeably with my partner. It has also had an impact on my career and lifestyle in very positive and promising ways.

I cannot recommend working with Martina Hughes highly enough. I assure you, you will not regret the experience. Martina’s approach is compassionate, insightful and powerful and she holds space with such strength and generous loving acceptance that the subtlety of her gifts are easily missed.

I have no doubt my experience of nourishment and invitation to wholeness will be everlasting and I hope yours is too."

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