Conversations With Our Community 

Hear from our community member's real-life experience of Intimacy Oasis.



"It feels supportive, safe and inclusive to belong to this online community. I feel like I matter."



"It feels nourishing in a way that I haven't experienced before. There's been more growth for me in one month of Intimacy Oasis, than there probably has been in the last 12 months"



"The other men are very conscious, trustable, and committed to their own growth and to their contribution to the community. "



How have the Live Womens Circles benefited you? 

Great! Inclusive, warm, welcoming, nurturing, interesting, explorative. I have found this to be a great support to the 1-1 work we’ve been doing & helping me to keep on track with the bigger picture and the benefits of putting the work in.


What do you like most about being part of Intimacy Oasis? 

Love that people are like-minded, open and the environment feels safe and empowering and inclusive.




How do you feel after attending the Live Practice?

Each time a bit different. But always feel invigorating after each live practice. 


How does it feel to be part of an online community?

I feel this is a very supportive community of a bunch of great souls. Everyone is just awesome human!


How have the Live Womens Circles benefited you?

I enjoy the women’s circles. It’s nurturing and I look forward to our gathering. Most of time I am already tired after whole day work. But still I rather be there than missing it.


What do you like most about being part of Intimacy Oasis?

I feel this is a journey that will go deeper as we keep staying on this path, individually and as a group. I am curious how my inner journey will unfold on the outside in the world.

Also, I really appreciate both Rod and Martina’s dedication and authenticity to the community. You make the space both safe and sacred. Great work!


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