What Creates a Thriving Relationship?

relationship written by martina hughes Sep 09, 2021
Martina Hughes

Recently, I shared the below photo on social media with this caption: “This photo is an example of me shining with love and blossoming from the effect of Rod’s presence, holding space and capacity to evoke my openness.”

And someone just asked me yesterday, “When I saw that photo, I wanted to know what Rod had done 10 minutes earlier to evoke that response in you. I wanted to know what it was so that I could recreate that when I have a partner.”

Yes, there was something Rod had said ten minutes earlier, even likely one minute earlier but the deepest answer is that Rod brings his loving presence to me everyday in our relationship.

I shine because of the consistency of love, the depth of presence, and the capacity to feel me, that Rod brings.

Cultivating trust, opening a woman’s heart, growing a love that causes both of you to flourish is an ongoing journey of commitment. 

So what Rod had done ten minutes earlier?

I am not even sure now. But what I do know is that during this photo shoot, he was loving me, encouraging me and evoking me with words of love, humour and teasing.

He knows what opens my heart and causes me to shine! (And to keep it real, occasionally, he misses the mark, and evokes my frown instead!)

To sum it up for you, the reason I am experiencing such deep flow and shine in my life is for 3 very specific reasons:

1. Individual daily practices that we are both committed to as part of our growth and being all that we can be in our lives and relationship.

2. Rod’s intention and commitment to open my heart as fully as possible.

3. Daily and weekly intimate practices that nourish and nurture our relationship.

I am sharing this so that people know there is no quick fix to opening your partner’s heart. There is no simple one step remedy for relationship challenges.

What Creates a Thriving Relationship? 

• Two people being committed to an intention bigger than themselves.

• Keeping love alive by being equally as present and available to each other in the difficult times as in the times of flow.

• Cultivating curiosity, vulnerability, and trust in the connection.

Extraordinary Relationships Have a Strong Alignment Of:

• Relationship values and intention

• Clear commitment to intimate practices

• Exploring vulnerability and depth in communication and sexual experiences

• Commitment to individual and shared growth

• The willingness to explore the unknown

A strong alignment in these areas means that both the individuals have greater energy and capacity in other areas of their lives because the relationship provides fuel, rather than being a drain, a hassle or somewhere that we feel depleted.

Intimacy gives more energy, rather than taking energy.

One practical place to begin cultivating the relationship you desire, whether you are newly entering a relationship, or have been in a long term relationship which feels as though it needs some reviving, is define your own unique relationship intention with your partner.

With Love, Martina

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