The Magnificence Of Touch Without Agenda

sacred intimacy written by martina hughes Feb 09, 2017
The Magnificence Of Touch Without Agenda

One of the greatest and most simple joys we can experience is to feel love through conscious touch.

It’s not a ‘doing’ practice, it’s not busy and it’s not about making things happen.

Sadly, most people are only familiar with forms of touch that carry an agenda - to satisfy a sexual goal, to appease an emotional need, or some other unspoken expectation.

But what happens when the touch has no agenda?

What if agenda is replaced with an intention for the person to feel loved and embrace their own magnificence?

There is depthallowing, and transformation

There is space for the man or woman receiving the touch to come home and ground into the depth of feeling and energy in their own body.

Our sexual energy, which is too often steeped in a wide range of negative emotions, taboos and misconceptions, contains incredible healing capacity.

Sexual energy becomes repressed in our society as people have been taught not to speak about sex, not to be expressive sexually and to withhold any display of aliveness within the body.

Sexual energy is minimised to the act of sex, rather than its fuller possibility as a pathway to vitality, wellbeing and full-bodied expressive living.

Sex is treated as a commodity and people become very prone to distortions around sex. Distortions include using sex to sell products, to manipulate people, and to bargain within relationships.

Accessing the fullness of sexual energy is alchemical work.

It allows space for the emotional heartbreaks and sexual trauma to come up for healing. 

As past wounds are acknowledged, felt and expressed within the body, space opens up for new realisations and experiences.

People feel more available to the innate riches of life.

In alignment with this, our innate masculine and feminine essences can be accessed and supported to ripen into fullness within the body.

A man or woman in alignment with the depth and power of their sexual energy is more comfortable in their skin, more expressive of their inner world and can live in accordance with their deeper truth.

As a result, they will feel greater intimacy in relationships, deeper levels of satiation with their purpose in the world and a sense of inner peace.

It is possible to truly know, feel and embody love, through touch.

The kind of love that opens bodies and transforms lives.

Love that is bold and tender, sensitive and fierce, full-bodied and authentic.

With Love, Martina

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