Awakening Through Love


Transform How You Relate, Now.

Awakening through Love retreat is our new signature event. It has been created specifically to show people how to grow, transform, and awaken spiritually and sexually alongside their intimate partner.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, this retreat will provide you with experiences, learning opportunities, and tools to deepen intimacy either in your current or future relationship.

This retreat has been designed for people to experience a quality of intimacy they have always longed for, but thought was impossible.

Creating the quality of emotional connection, sexual intimacy and partnership we desire is often challenging. Many people never get close to touching it.

Rod and I know how painful that feels. It hurts a LOT!

We have experienced so much of what’s available therapeutically and in the personal development space, and it does not give you the tools to create a thriving intimate relationship. 

Whether you are single or in a relationship, our Awakening Through Love retreat will change your life dramatically. In many ways this new body of work is the culmination of our journey. It’s our premier offering to our growing community, and will provide the soothing balm for the aches and pains of modern relationships.

During this 5 day retreat, you will learn practices, skills, and tools you can take home and implement in your life immediately.

Love, intimacy, and relationship can be a medicine, the medicine for past wounds and hurts. But only if we know how to be that love, and that medicine.

Whether you are preparing for your next relationship, beginning a new one, or you’ve been together for a decade or more, we have the tools to help you build the relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

Join us for this 5 day immersion and learn how to access the healing available in intimate relationships. In our years of experience leading retreats, we have seen the incredible possibilities, and the healing that can take place when people connect as a community. 

We are committed to empowering men and women to thrive in their relationships, whether you’re in that relationship now, or in the future.

Understanding how your relationship can become a fertile space for growth, transformation and awakening is profound and life changing.

We will be handing you the keys to create the quality of love, intimacy and relationship that you have always wanted. 

You Will Experience:


Reigniting your sexual fire

Moving beyond the hidden patterns, habits and wounds that keep you small in life

The benefits of embodying love and trust

A quality of desire you have never felt before

How to recognise the behaviours that destroy intimacy

How to bring out the best in your partner, when you most need to

The skills to make a relationship thrive How to use sexual desire for healing and transformation

Cultivating devotion to keep love alive long after the honeymoon period

What's Included?


- Elite level coaching and facilitation that will empower your growth and transformation.

- 5 nights accommodation at Sangsurya, Byron Bay.

- All meals from dinner on the Saturday through to lunch on the Thursday. 




Sangsurya is a stunning purpose built retreat venue with views out over the ocean. It’s set amongst the most beautiful gardens and trees creating nourishment for the inner journey.

Over the last 30 years, many retreats have been held in this space, and it’s been maintained and developed with the utmost care and love. Walking around the property, being in the buildings feels like being bathed in love. There is also a pool available for swimming.

A limited number of luxury villas are available for participants who enjoy an extra level of luxury whilst on retreat. 


How Do I Register? 


Access to the Awakening Through Love workshops and retreats is offered to members of Intimacy Oasis, our online learning portal and community of practice. 

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Our Community's Experiences...

Read about how our work has impacted our client's lives.

"My journey allowed me to feel the aliveness of humanity, and to give myself permission to feel more fully. The teachings also involve psychotherapy which I felt is integral to opening ourselves up to wholeness. The training has deepened my intimate relationship with my partner, children and community. I'm blessed with the opportunity to work with couples, singles and group spaces to open up to their sexual aliveness in all aspects of life."

"Greg and I are now more connected on a deeper level and we feel more alive, it is so beautiful and we are grateful to have had this experience together. Martina is so beautiful and what she does is a gift and touches people's lives in such a special way."








"Through working with Rod I have expanded my awareness, developed a deeper trust and love of self and transformed the fear I held of other men into feelings of understanding, love and trust. Working with Rod has had a profound impact on my personal, working, familial and intimate relationships. As well as in my career and now in how I lead other men on this path. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering working with Rod not to hesitate, you will be in good hands. Rod’s persistence with his own journey is inspirational and the love and consideration he puts into how he offers his gifts is both nourishing and exceptionally rare."

Meet Your Intimacy Coaches

Martina Hughes & Rod Gordon

We are dedicated to empowering women and men to grow, transform, and awaken alongside their intimate partner.
We will hand you the keys to develop your awareness, and give you the skills to navigate your life in a way that you can build the love, life and relationship you desire.

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Exclusive Tailored Retreats


Each year we offer a small number of customised, exclusive retreats for individuals or couples. 

These experiences are for those who desire intense and personalised attention to realise their intentions. 

Retreats can be held at South West Rocks (where we live) or anywhere in Australia or overseas (depending on travel availability). 

If you are interested in this style of journey, please contact us to discuss in more detail.

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