Awakening Through Love


Transform How You Relate, Now.

During this event, you will experience new ways of being in life, love and relationship. Whether you are single or in relationship.

You will be guided, held, and supported to become more aligned with your true nature. To feel, express, and display through your body exactly who you are. Supporting you to create the quality of love, intimacy, and desire in your life that you most deeply crave.

Awakening Through Love Is For You If...

- You can see that your relationship patterns are not serving you
- You want to know how to navigate the pitfalls of modern relationship
- You want to be wholly prepared for your next relationship
- You desire to experience the magic that is possible in intimacy
- You feel an urge to know yourself more fully
- You desire to experience your heart melting open
- You long for nourishment and inspiration in your life
- You know that embodiment is the pathway for you
- You want your intimate partner to be your greatest ally
- You long to be seen and heard in relationship
- You crave to be fully received exactly as you are, whether you’re a woman or a man

Intimate relationship offers untold potential for healing, growth and awakening, but it doesn’t happen by accident. It requires dedication, curiosity, and a desire to explore authentically without holding back. The choices you make each day - every one of those - has an impact on the quality of your current or future relationship.

We notice that many people keep on repeating patterns in their intimate relationships.

- A sex life that withers and dies
- Two independent people co-existing in one household
- Fights over who is right and who is wrong
- Constantly trying to change each other
- Checking out of the relationship with distractions

Whatever the pattern is, it can be turned around. Change is possible. We will give you the practices we use each day, and the information you need to transform - both your inner world and your outer life - so that you can cultivate the love, intimacy and sexual experiences that you dream of.

Past participants who have worked with us have experienced tremendous transformation of long held patterns. They have had deep insights, and realisations, of the ways in which they were sabotaging their relationship successes, and have gone on to create greater intimacy and a deeply fulfilling love.

You Will Experience:


Embody the qualities that create deep intimacy

Learn practices that will dramatically transform the way you show up for your intimate relationship

Singles: How to magnetise the partner of your dreams

Couples: How to evoke the qualities you desire from your partner

Develop the skills to receive the quality of love that you crave

Transform tension and conflict into deep passion

Use your relationship as a vehicle for healing, growth and spiritual awakening

For more detail - see FAQ below

What's Included?


- Elite level coaching and facilitation that will empower your growth and transformation.

- You will receive a healthy and delicious lunch on both days.

- Times: 10.30am to 5.30pm each day.

- Centrally located venues in Melbourne and Sydney.


How Do I Register? 


Access to the Awakening Through Love workshops and retreats is offered to members of Intimacy Oasis, our online learning portal and community of practice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the practices?

We offer a variety of practices that help you develop the tools of embodiment, feeling, awareness, desire and devotion. You will be taught specific skills to display the qualities through your body, and tools for communicating your desires and your feelings that allow you and your partner to hear each other, without being activated into old patterns.

2. What if I feel uncomfortable doing the practices?

You may feel uncomfortable at some point. We give you tools that will support you to experience this in a way that is true to your body. You will also be supported to tune into your body and do what feels right for you.

3. Is it like other practices that I have done at neo-tantra workshops?

There may be some similarities. However, we have found that a lot of what happens in the neo-tantra spaces is diluted, and not truly supporting people to open in sustainable and nourishing ways. There is often dogma, chasing gratification, and confusion about the nature of the work.

4. What is the background to the work that you are offering?

The depth of these teachings and practices comes from our mentors in the US, Londin Winters and Justin Pierce. It is a road map for spiritual awakening as a two-bodied practice. A one bodied practice would be becoming a monk, living in a monastery. This work is for modern people with modern lives. Our partner, the person we have chosen to love, can awaken us to aspects of ourselves that we didn’t know or couldn’t access previously. These practices and teachings have been at the heart of our lives for many years, supporting both of us to journey through extremely challenging times whilst growing in love and devotion to each other.

Martina: “The last few years have been the toughest in both our lives, my feeling is, without these practices we would not have made it through. I am incredibly grateful these practices have continually deepened our devotion to each other. I feel touched in ways that I would never have imagined previously. These practices are tools that keep on supporting us, allowing us to see where our relationship is, to know what needs attention, and how to navigate towards greater love and consciousness.”

5. What if I am single?

Being single is a perfect time to dive into this work, it will support you to clarify what you desire for your future relationship, to embody the qualities that will attract the person you desire, and to understand how to relate more authentically and deeply.

6. What if I am in a relationship and we are struggling with conflict and disagreement?

It’s the perfect time to attend an event with us. You will not be required to unpack your relationship publicly, or share your personal experiences. There is no shaming or blaming in our spaces. The practices will show you how to love each other more fully, inform you how to work through the gritty moments in life, and to reconnect with love, trust and desire.

7. What if my partner and I want different things in the relationship?

We give you tools that will help you to embrace the differences, to understand who each other is, and create space for all of it, whilst still loving and respecting each other. Making love is art, embracing your differences allows a couple to create something more beautiful than either could create on their own.

8. Do I have to share and listen to other people share about their lives?

Although there may be sharing at times, this event is focused on teachings and practices. It’s not about working through emotional processes in a public way to have an experience. Your experiences and insights will arise from the practices.

9. Will there be nudity or overt sexual expression at the workshop?

No. There is no nudity and no overt sexual expression. The container is set with the specific intention, and instruction, to encourage personal boundaries, and to create a safe space for you to be able to journey deeply. 

Our Community's Experiences...

Read about how our work has impacted our client's lives.

"What I experienced during the women's retreat was not what I was expecting: I experienced myself. I found my truth. I was looking for answers from the outside when it was all inside. By creating a space of trust, safety, fun and love, Martina helped to peel off the layers. In the middle of this circle of amazing women, there I was – bare, strong and vulnerable, with tears, laughter, screams, love, energies, passion, fun, music, compassion, it all came to me."

"Greg and I are now more connected on a deeper level and we feel more alive, it is so beautiful and we are grateful to have had this experience together. Martina is so beautiful and what she does is a gift and touches people's lives in such a special way."






"It’s been amazing to work with Martina and Rod as a participant in their events these last few years. The men’s work grew me in ways I didn’t expect – it helped refine my understanding of my role in the world, and improved my relationship with myself and those I care for. 
The way I think, feel and interact with the world has changed immeasurably – I am now a better leader, partner and person. 
Martina and Rod are a generous, courageous and authentic team, and I highly recommend their work to all those Men who want to do better."

Meet Your Intimacy Coaches

Martina Hughes & Rod Gordon

We are dedicated to empowering women and men to grow, transform, and awaken alongside their intimate partner.
We will hand you the keys to develop your awareness, and give you the skills to navigate your life in a way that you can build the love, life and relationship you desire.

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These experiences are for those who desire intense and personalised attention to realise their intentions. 

Retreats can be held at South West Rocks (where we live) or anywhere in Australia or overseas (depending on travel availability). 

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