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When sexual intimacy fades, is withheld or becomes dull in a long term relationship, many men feel frustrated, confused and even hopeless. Often leading to feeling trapped in a sexless, loveless relationship they are too afraid to leave, desperately don’t want to leave, and yet don’t know how to continue. Many men feel a sense of not being enough, wondering what they may be doing wrong, and how the hell do they fix it, it wasn’t like this at the beginning.


You are not alone. 


You may be asking yourself:

  • What happened to sexual aliveness? 
  • It was so forthcoming at the beginning of the relationship!
  • Is it normal to not have sex in a long term relationship? (The answer is no, despite our cultural beliefs and norms!)
  • What is it that I can do to evoke that spark of desire in my woman again?




There is hope.





We have seen complete transformations in the lives and relationships of men who have implemented our intimacy practices.


Practising new behaviours consistently, will lead to very different outcomes, often ones we can’t even imagine possible.  




This short course will kickstart your journey to reigniting the passion in your relationship. 






Kickstart Passion in your Relationship is an online, self-directed short course. Over the 21 day course, a new module is unlocked every 3 days, giving you a chance to read through the information, put the practices into action, and feel the benefits of each module before taking the next step .


This course navigates you through the common problems that lead to sexually barren relationships, providing you with the awareness of how you may have ended up in this position. Each module provides you with a practical exercise to implement into your daily life, equipping you with the skills to create transformation in your relationship today. You will have the opportunity to use specific guided practices designed to evoke desire in your woman.

This course is for you if:

  • Sexual intimacy is routine, dull or non-existent 

  •  You are trying to work out what went wrong in your relationship

  •  You wonder why the passion disappeared

  •  Your woman says she’s just not feeling sexual

  •  Your woman turns cold when you touch her

  •  You crave her touch and tender softness 

  •  You feel trapped and alone in your relationship

  •  You are wondering whether your partner still loves you

  •  You want to please your partner, but feel tempted to simply give up 

  •  You are wondering if you should give up your sexual desires









Throughout this course, you can experience:

  •  Practices that will reignite your sex life

  •  A deeper quality of love

  •  Understanding the ways your woman is different to you

  •  Tools for opening your woman 

  •  Feeling close to your woman again

  •  Tools that will support you to discover internal freedom 

  •  Reconnecting with your sexual aliveness

  •  Reigniting affection in your relationship 

  •  Feeling more confident in how you approach your relationship  

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