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Co-Creation of Love

Create a relationship where love and freedom are embodied and lived. Where both partners are felt, seen, and heard.


What is Possible?

  • Create a new foundation for your relationship 
  • Express yourself authentically, freely, and openly 
  • Learn to love beyond patterns and limitations
  • How to use your relationship as a vehicle for spiritual awakening
  • Become the man/woman that you desire to be
  • Learn to love with an open heart and without conditions
  • Deepen sexual intimacy and connection




Our intention is to redefine what intimacy means to you, and to offer you an opportunity to create a whole new foundation for your relationship. 

A foundation that will alter the current trajectory of your relationship and every other part of your life.




Co-Creation of Love is a group coaching container for couples. The name of this program shows you what is required to create an amazing intimate relationship.


Through simple tools and practices, applied daily, you will experience the enormously powerful and transformative nature of this work.  The path of personal development work often takes people in separate directions, developing their self, each doing their own work, and sadly, often creating more distance in the relationship.


This does not have to be so. Modern methods of counselling and psychology are fantastic for creating understanding, awareness, and even healing However there are often gaps when it comes to the cultivation of intimacy and how to evolve as a couple. That is where we step in.


Relationships provide an incredibly potent space for who we are becoming. For men and women committed to evolving through relationship this is monumental. Becoming more aware and more loving as a human impacts the whole of our lives, and the lives of those around us. 


When people understand how to excavate another's heart with love and compassion the possibilities are limitless. 




Sacred intimacy is at the heart of our teachings. 




What makes a relationship worthy of being called sacred? 

Come along and experience it for yourself.


Sacred intimacy has three specific pillars, these pillars must be embodied and lived to be understood.


Through the practice of aligning our lives to these pillars we create a fundamental shift in how we experience the world and our intimate partner. Relationship becomes a safe harbour, a space where both partners are nourished and supported, where freedom and connection meet. 


Relationships can bring out the best and the worst in us. Old patterns will get activated, and they can be very destructive. Often these struggles are offering you the very medicine you require. It can be uncomfortable and excruciating to face those parts of ourselves, but with the tools we offer you will be able to easily recognise what life is showing you.


To understand how these struggles and challenges can become your gifts in love and intimacy requires teachers who have walked that path. Having loving guidance is the only effective way through these challenges, otherwise we can spend a lifetime unnecessarily trudging through endless suffering. 


This is why Rod and I are passionate about empowering others, we love sharing the tools and awareness for people to journey and touch new places in their relationships.





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What You Will Learn


  • The 3 pillars to create sacred intimacy 
  • Explore intimacy through specific daily practices
  • What will deepen your relationship 
  • How to embody masculine and feminine qualities to serve your partner
  • How to love the awkward conversations
  • How to evoke specific qualities from your partner
  • Explore a variety of sexual flavours you will both enjoy



Course Structure

  • 8 sessions over 15 weeks
  • Every second Saturday morning
  • 9am to 11am
  • Commencing 21st January 2023
  • Concluding 29th April 2023 

Learning Materials

You will receive a workbook each week with the week’s practice and journal exercises.


Creating A Safe Space

When you enrol in this coaching container you are joining 8 other couples in an online space. In addition to the Course workbooks, you will be participating in live groups calls and engaging in an exclusive online discussion forum.

This forum is a space for discussions related to the Co-Creation of Love coaching container. We invite you to ask questions about your personal journey, to share your insights and reflections, experiences from personal practices and to connect with other people who are on a similar journey.

We expect all members of our online community to adhere to Our Community’s Rules of Engagement at all times while engaging in live online sessions and in online discussion forums:

  • Be respectful of others journeys
  • Be aware that everyone is in a different place in their life
  • Only give feedback where feedback has been requested
  • Speak from personal experience - using “I” - rather than preaching or coaching others
  • No promotion of services within this space
  • Be self-responsible in your expression
  • Be aware of your own triggers, judgments and projections
  • Reach out to Rod or Martina for support if something that happens in the Sanctuary does not feel appropriate to you

During live calls, transparency creates a sense of safety, therefore it is essential to:

  • Have your video turned on during all online sessions
  • Use a headset with a microphone to ensure privacy

Any diversions from the rules of engagement will be addressed and any inappropriate behaviour is taken seriously and acted upon immediately, for the safety of all community members.

Past Client's Experiences

Marina & Pete



"There is no blame, there is no mental processing like it would if you saw a couples counsellor. This course has wonderful embodiment and releasing practices of past pent up emotions. It helps you take responsibility for your own healing, and then from this place unite with your partner in a deeply connecting way.

Thanks to Martina and Rods sound advice, support and wisdom, Pete and I have reconnected at a deeper place than ever before. This course is a program I believe ALL couples should undertake."

Rich & Erica


"Admittedly, we were doing 'just fine' and didn't have any problems we could pinpoint "needing" a couples coach for. In the first session, we quickly realised how low on our priority list intimacy with each other was.

We opened up and said things to each other in those sessions that have never come up naturally.

Through our sessions and homework practices, we were able to rebuild and repair our relationship in ways we didn't even think were possible or knew were needed." 


This container is for people who are serious about creating transformation in their lives, going deeper in their intimate relationship and would benefit from journeying within a group environment.

There is no requirement to have done prior work with us to participate in this container.